Coffee Shop Transcripts

Below are the extracts from when I sat in coffee shops in brighton and wrote down conversations I overheard. These were originally hand-written, and I intend on scanning these hand-written texts in and posting them here aswell. When they are typed, they lose character and become robotic. The handwriting induces a sense of urgency and panic in the way I scrawled it out. Suddenly questions are posed about the artist and why I was writing these conversations; did i have consent? (No). Who is having these conversations? Where are they? What is the context? These words hand on the page with no other clue. They are merely a pinpoint in time.

Two men are sat diagonally to the left of me, both very… old fashion wealthy looking.

  • Yes, yes, itself a distraction for your creativity.

Doing things by word daily, daily.

It’s the tradition nowadays…


Just take that and find out

I got a

Nobody did this that me

I don’t know.

I trusted my instincts.


Friday Friday Friday Friday

Tomorrow, yes.

What’s a good time?


Last time you said… very very bad




  • So that’s an art way across rivers.

Carry on with this job, I overdid

Job used as an example.

Because i… I knew there’d be change as a result of doing it.

I trusted at that point to carry on with that job. I’ll finish this off. In my head, I’ll trust, and see what happens.

And look I’m still here.

  • Very thoughtful
  • Exactly it opens up. It’s not about writing. It’s something so powerful, so powerful. You choose.

I’m not going to do this anymore.

So although I’m doing crazy work, I enjoyed physical side – testosterone. Dealing with people, had those skills.

You can… I became less fearful of things. I’ve gone through and come out with a lot (-) along.

Mine life. Full of envision. A shredding. I had to go through. I made a decision to carry through job.

When you finish a job… the last 10% of a job is the hardest. You’re trying to define everything. Snagging, we call it.


Harder x7

More x3

On last day, 1st time, the woman

I did it right x2

I walked out, fucking  hell, shaking.


When I was 30, it was a fantastic house (…)

30 years from now (…)

It’s a continued thing, goes on and on and on.



Oh right okay (hug)

Okay, sure.

Hello? Anybody here?

What is that?

It’s a mushroom.


Look at that it’s so big.

I like that.

Have some hash browns and maybe sausages. Or here.



Carolina, she told me the situation.

You find people, find situations.

1 on th things, Sheldon,




  • That is the finish I’ve gone for. That or that.
  • Not bad, when message they solid.
  • It’s nice, not as faffing around as a flight. Really nice.



When an environment so closed,

No personal space.

This true.





  • How could it look having that?
  • Do we have text book here?
  • Just wondering about having a large version.
  • (…)




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