Nature Compartmentalised

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This experiment was about exploring nature in a way which was along the same vein as a scientific experiment. It was about comparing the chaos of nature with the order of the experiment; it was about a quote i read in Extreme Bodies by Francesca Alfano Miglietti regarding the way in which people take tiny sections to examine rather than exploring the whole thing.  i.e. of huge, extraordinary events; singing out individual segments.

The capsuled followed the idea of compartmentalising for scientific research. i was interested in the juxtaposition between the unpredictability of nature against the controlled nature of science (albeit, as i haven’t studied science in so long i struggle to remember the extent of control infected over the experiments; i believe there is an element of control -the independent variable- and an element which is not controlled but observed -the dependent variable-.

this relates rather interestingly to my experiment because viewers are drawn to very specific parts of a whole; a tin section of a leaf from an entire tree which has so much information behind it; the age, the family it belongs to; the ecological research behind it. There’s something quite humble about taking a tiny section. what can i do with this?

i could find out exactly what they are inside the containers and pull up a mass of research related to it, and research related to that, and so a sort of snowball effect begins. for instance, the history behind these objects, ideas behind the names, information on the founder and their family and friends.

this is interesting because it follows the  idea that there is so much to know about individual things; it highlights the idea of minimalism perhaps, in that with less, we can draw our entire, uncompromised attention onto individual things, and i believe that this is so much more rewarding than having thousands of things that you merely trace a finger across the surface of.

it is the time with people and friends; i firmly believe that a single, pure, true and indefinitely strong friendship is worth more than uncountable relatively close friends. i find, personally, that this is draining; i feel weak, bored and bland even as a person. i find myself searching for satisfaction or happiness in ways which are not true to myself. with too many slightly-close friends, you can merely trace a finger down their spine briefly, rather than exploring each individual vertebrae and uncovering deeper, more intricate and more fascinating and personal truths both about yourself and the other.

in a true friendship or relationship, you give yourself in your entirety and full acceptance takes place. completely vulnerable; we must allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable to be completely accepted, happy.

the capsules also are a protest, almost,against the fast paced nature of society and an inability to sustain concentration.

this is personal to me currently because i feel this is something i am having issues with currently; an inability to sit still, delve deeper into specific things, uncover details. i am struggling to retain concentration and this is apparent, i feel, through my art. i am realising that this speed doesn’t gain much contentment, but surface level happiness and excitement.

the use of nature, therefore, is relevant because it is far easier to retain concentration when in this environment, especially when isolated. (alternatively, perhaps this inability to sit still is something which must be largely embraced, creating more spontaneous and sporadic art rather than that which requires sustained attention and slowing down, especially given that i am studying in my first year of university).

the idea of taking a single object and gathering masses of research into this object is similar to the fact that (i learnt in the film Snowdon) that the CIA used to have to research into thousands upon thousands of lives merely to research one person properly; family, friends, their friends, and the list goes on.

it is slightly inspired by my current reading of frankinstiein; connecting fragments of nature for research purposes; i am very compelled by the idea of combining art and science i.e. genetic modification.



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