Final Assessment


I wanted to lay my work out in an ordered and purposeful way, bordering clinical. It walks the line between urban and natural, coalescing the two. This is following my aim to create an experiment which exlores the purposeful and selective placement of nature in urban environements such as london.

I like the contrast between the fish and the urban layers. This is something I had been interested in for a while but hadn’t much tested out the placement of.

The slightly painted bricks follow the idea of the natural material clay, which is the most abundant material on the earth, being turned into something unnatural i.e. buildings, and doing so with a layer of paint covering the natural texture. With these bricks, you can see the first layer of paint and also the colours and textures of the clay behind it, bearing an interesting contrast between natural and urban.

There are other contrasts aswell such as the black plastic slip wrapped around the leaves, the nails and the pot of grass, the tape against the plants, the lightbulb and the grass/onions.

I am quite happy with the layout (which was quite spontaneous). I realise that a good way of working sometimes is constantly experimenting and then seeing what happens when it is all pulled together.

My next experiment will be forming concrete casts of the natural elements and creating an installation.


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