Nature Bulbs


Originally, I found these bulbs and thought they would be interesting to use as scientific tubes; a way of putting nature fragments inside and observing them. However, I quite like them just as light bulbs. There is a contrast between the idea of the electric bulb and the natural fragments. The way in which the nature is lit up is also a means by which to observe in a better way. I was told that this would be interesting isolated inside a room.

it could be interesting as part of my clay installation; isolated from the clay garden as though the true elements of nature which remain are being preserved; looked at through a glass as a means of observation the rarity.

the wellcome gallery, How We See Animals, could be an interesting reference point for this as the way in which animals were presented was very clinical/ scientific; there for presentation.

The idea of the zoo/ animals being placed inside a specifically designed container to be observed.


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